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Actually using my LJ

ALright, I've got to actually start using this LJ, it's my goal that by the end of the summer I will understand and reguarly use my LJ instead of forgetting about it for months on end >.>

Tis my goal!!!!!!
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Tigercon was over a while ago, but it was fun ^_^

So, I really need to get more into LJ so let's post a con summary.

I recently attended Tigercon at Towson University, which is a free one day con.
It was great.

I cosplayed my Amano Celes Chere costume and the thing I found amazing was that there were a good number of people who recognized me. Outside of the Final Fantasy shoots at Otakon this past year I feel that more people recognized me at Tigercon than at Otakon.


So, anyways, I dragged 3 other people from college with me, two of them had never been to a con before. They had a great time.

I ran into the Terra and Celes from otakon I hung out with a lot. They were the ones who actually told me about the con. I went to their pocket cosplay panel and got pics with them that we completly forgot to get at Otakon, so that was great since I"m pretty sure they've both retired those costumes now.

Commissioned a chibi of my Celes costume, it's adorable and a copy of it is now hanging on my dorm door.

Talked to one of the masquerade judges who recognized my costume, he was awesome to talk to, and was the Draco from the giant FFVI opera group running around at Otakon this year. He was dressed as a bard from FF Tactics.

The masquerade was amusing. Everyone keeps talking about the Duke Devlin skit to Jizz in my Pants. It was hilarious. THe other skits were great too. My other favs were the Billy Mays and the Kyuubi lip syncing the speach Scar gives the hyena's in the Lion King.

Overall, it was fun and I hope to go back next year.


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Final Fantasy Pairings

 So, the final fantasy fandom is full of countless pairings. Canon, noncanon, yaoi, yuri, crack, and more.

So, I"m briefly going to go over who I support and possible a few pairings I strongly don't support.
So, this is probably going to be kind of rantish but it'll be an entry till I figure out somehting else that would be more worth posting.
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Better late than never

Well, I've had this account for a while and haven't really done anything with it


Well, that's changing, I'm going to be a little mnroe active here now :0

I'm still learning my way around but I'll figure it out


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